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How To Spot A Bad Used Car Deal

If you want to avoid wasting money on a used car that is a bit of a banger then you will need to know what to look for. A lot of people suffer because of their inability to distinguish a bad deal from a good one.

Below are some fantastic tips that should help you to avoid making a bad used car purchase that you will be regretting afterwards.

- If a used car looks as if it has been sitting there for a long time then you will want to be very cautious. Used cars are in big demand these days and usually sell really quickly so there must be a reason why this one has not sold. Car rot is another thing you have to think about when cars are sitting around for a while without getting used. Buying a car that has car rot is a disastrous move because it is like a kind of cancer that will just end up destroying the car.

- You need to be sure that the tyres on the car are in good condition. It is fair to assume that the rest of the car has not been looked after very well if the tyres have been neglected. You can learn so much about the state of a car by examining the tyres because these are a very important part of any car.

- Look at the body of the car and check for signs of repairs. Some owners will go to a lot of trouble to hide evidence of accidents but underneath the paint job could be a world of misery. If you spot signs of an accident then walk away if the seller denies this.

- Save yourself the misery of buyer’s remorse by trusting your intuition and walking away if you get a bad vibe.

Searching for used cars, then has it all, buy, sell and search for your dream car.